"Fragment", watercolor 
Catherine Perry

Specializing in custom made artistic creations, including ceramics, faux finishing, and watercolors, and seeing art as a process, Catherine's goal is to seek the input of those for whom she is creating artwork, learning about their needs and desires and incorporating them into the final product to make for a wonderfully personal and significant creation. 

She has a dynamic range of colors, content, and textures, producing both abstract and realistic work with great fluidity. As a result, her work is fascinating and elegantly understated,  

To find out more about the artist and her creations, visit her website.

Mermaid Wall Sconce 
More Artists to Come!! - Check Back
Janet Cook-Rutnik

A St. John artist since 1969, her work may be seen in her Guavaberry Farms studio and at Frames of Mind. Cook-Rutnik has represented the Virgin Islands in museum exhibitions in Washington D.C., Germany, France, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Ecuador.

"In each of her works we find a multiplicity of readings that are not limited to the objective reality, but suggest moods, tactile sensations, mystical omens or the emotional nostalgia stimulated by the warmth and happiness of a Caribbean carnival, its music and the festive sensuality of its dancers." -- Eduardo Marceles
Art critic, independent curator, Cultural editor of the daily newspaper, HOY in NYC.

For more, visit the artist's website.
"Fruit of the Womb", Acrylic 
Andrea Leland

For the past twenty five years Andrea Leland has traveled throughout the Caribbean observing, participating in and documenting its culture and natural beauty.  Using oil paints, mixed media and chalk pastels, she expresses what she has observed on paper and canvas.   In addition to painting and drawing, Leland has directed and produced several documentary films about culture and artistic expression in the Caribbean. Her paintings, drawings and documentaries have been exhibited nationally and internationally and are in numerous private collections. 

To see more works, visit the artist's website.

"Hawksnest and Gibney Beach", pastel

Sloop Jones 
Handpainted Clothes 
& Island Art 

Sloop's clothes are art to wear at celebrations, reunions, and weddings, or just to wear everyday to brighten up your life. They are inspired by the colors, the flora and fauna of the Caribbean sea. Rugs, pillows, driftwood signs, flags, banners, and custom fabric are also handpainted in Sloop and Barabara's studio by the sea, on East End. Take a  painting workshop, or buy beautiful art to wear.
For more information and driving directions,visit their website.

Visit Sloop Jones and Barabara on East End
"Star Canivale", pastel
Handpainted Rug
Art on St. John

Many talented artists call St. John home, 
sharing their creative expressions to the delight
of all who seek inspiration for the soul
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Bajo el Sol Gallery

Set within the sculptured stone walls of Mongoose Junction,this lovely three room gallery is just a short five minute walk from the Cruz Bay Ferry Dock.

Bajo el Sol was established in 1993 by St. John artists who sought to share their vision of the Virgin Islands' beauty through painting, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry and other art forms.

During season (November through June), Bajo el Sol Gallery celebrates "First Friday" of each month with a special opening reception which introduces a new monthly show for featured artists. 

For more, visit the gallery's website.
For events, info and photos from St. John USVI,
visit the St. John Essence Blog

"What a gem......... I love the vibe from this site. Much success to you! Peace"

-- Rosi
("right now S. FL but my heart and soul are still on St. John") 

"I love your site!"

-- Christy McManus
St. John, USVI
Kimberly Boulon Fine Art

A resident of Windswept Beach since 1980, Kimberly Boulon is well known on St John for her extraordinarily beautiful landscape and figure painting.  

Her subjects encompass and reflect the multi-facited beauty of the islands - it's seascapes, landscapes, flora and fauna - as well as the mysterious and lyrical human figure.

Her works in oil, pastel and gouache have a style reminiscent of the old masters, and have captivated the eyes and hearts of both St. John visitors and residents.  

​Meet the artist on Tuesdays and Thursdays at her gallery on the 2nd floor of the Marketplace, or for more information, visit her website.
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