Healing Arts on St. John

 Attend a renewing workshop or retreat, or simply give yourself the healing treatment you deserve, and experience mental, physical and spiritual well being

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Zemi Caribbean Workshops

Attend seminars held within the National Park on the most beautiful beaches in the world or in the private, beautiful, Solyoga Studio. Coordinator Viki Brown will handle every detail so that you have an easy and memorable vacation, while educating yourself in new areas that will enhance your life. Themes include understanding yourself as a spiritual being while practicing yoga, Chinese medicine, astrology and visualizations to bring about balance and harmony. 

Rejuvenation Vacations

Soothing rejuvenation programs in private, beautiful island villas
for one guest, couples, and groups of all sizes. Feel life more fully, enhance your relationships, untangle from stress, energize your body and mind, rest, relax, and connect with nature & St. John's extraordinary, pristine natural beauty.
Massage by Suki

Suki will relieve tired aching muscles due to overstress or under-use through techniques of Shiatsu, Neuromuscular, Swedish and the energy healing of Reiki and Cranio Sacral. 
A Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Suki offers a massage geared toward each individual. Massage sessions are available at Maho Bay Camps or at your private villa.

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